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Haven’t picked up a  baseball in several months? / Have a tryout coming up?


Our instructors are ready to help you get ready for your season.  Whether you are moving from T-Ball to Rookie League or trying to make the Varsity team at your High School, Houston Baseball Pro offers the best instruction to get you ready.  Spend time with us and we will help you get rid of the rust and be in your best form for your tryout.


Private lessons allow the students to work on exactly what they want for each lesson.  The lesson is always geared directly to the students needs and goals.

Meet The Coach

Ranked #1 nationally as a private baseball coach through CoachUp; experience coaching youth, middle and high school aged athletes hitting/pitching/fielding beginner to advanced.


Rated #1 Baseball Instructor

I have over 15 years of pitching, catching and hitting experience and has been coaching and giving private lessons for the last 4 years. The philosophy of Houston Baseball pro is to keep things simple and provide the most effective results.


Private Baseball Lessons are the solution to getting the "Perfect Practice" and professional individual instruction for your son to contribute to improved batting average, confidence on the pitchers mound, correct fielding footwork, and efficient throwing mechanics.


It has been proven that no longer does genetics dictate how much velocity a pitcher has or how hard and far he can hit the ball.

The new top factor in becoming a elite baseball player is hard work with the right instruction, drills, and coaching advice.







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 See below for lesson rates. Package deals are available that will save you some money!

Private lessons are arranged by appointment, depending on availability. Prices below are for 1 instructor per session.  One on one Lessons are 60 minutes, including a dynamic warm up.  Houston Baseball Pro proud to offer quality instruction at an affordable cost. Lessons can be purchased individually or in packages.



1 SESSION = $80



3 SESSIONS = $225

($75 hr)



5 SESSIONS = $350

($70 hr)



12 SESSIONS = $720

($60 hr)


One on one lessons for baseball 6 & up. Our lessons train the whole player and integrate baseball-specific skills, as well as first step agility and quickness training, athletic conditioning and mental training. All instruction is based on knowledge of the body and bio-mechanics to maximize results and prevent injury. Private Baseball Instruction is customized for the individual player based on an initial assessment.



Hitting Lessons

Youth Beginner Basic Batting Instruction specializes in simplifying hitting technique for hitters of all ages.

 At HBP we breaks down hitting into 2 phases:


The SET UP PHASE (how to stand in batters box, batting stance, balance), and the HITTING PHASE (stride/step, hands to ball, swing, rotation of back foot, follow through).


Learning to hit the right way at a young age is essential as every dad or coach has his own method for teaching what he thinks he know is the "Right Way". Through the use of private lessons your future big leaguer will learn how to stride and rotate his back foot and also learn the most efficient way to maintain balance, bring hands to the ball quickly and also become a more powerful contact hitter.


"Elbow up" is one example of improper coaching as it often results in hitters creating a "Loop" in their swing which contributes to pulling the front shoulder out, dropping of the hands, and rolling over of the wrists. Get the right instruction early and get QUALITY results.

"Live Batting Practice"
"Soft Toss Drills"

Intermediate and High School Advance Hitting Instruction


Advanced hitting lessons focus on helping athletes who have baseball experience and would like to improve batting average, power, and a goal to take their game to the next level. Whether the goal is to move up in the batting order, prepare for a try out, or play select or college baseball, one on one hitting sessions are the solution. Sessions begin with an initial assessment and proceed to one-on-one drills and private coaching. Video analysis in some cases is available to identify flaws in the hitters swing in regards to vision, balance and before/after evaluation.


Pitching Lessons

Private pitching lessons focus on the proper techniques for everyday throwing and pitching

Beginner Pitching Instruction


Private pitching lessons focus on the proper techniques for everyday throwing and pitching and are implemented in a way that the athlete will use his body to generate velocity thus reducing arm injury and improper throwing mechanics. One bonus of throwing lessons is improved accuracy and that the athlete will gain arm speed naturally as he develops.


The earlier an athlete can learn to throw the ball properly with the proper throwing mechanics, the sooner and more beneficial it can be to learn the steps of pitching and start programming the body and arm to throw strikes accurately. Players competing at the beginner stages of kids pitch the one requirement from youth coaches is accuracy and the ability to throw strikes. Coaches will almost always give a pitcher who can throw strikes routinely more opportunities and innings to pitch, over an athlete with more velocity and little control.

Advanced Pitching Mechanics


Pitching lessons for athletes in minor or major divisions and high school and college aged athletes looking to improve velocity and mph (miles per hour). Advanced pitching instruction is focused on pitching mechanics specialized to have the athlete use explosive leg, core and linear and rotational force to generate torque in movements with focus on building arm speed and velocity in the throwing arm. Specific leg workouts as well as pitching exercises and drills are used to implement the fast twitch muscle fibbers in the legs to improve drive off the pitching mound and accelerate the body before front foot strike and the throwing phase of the pitching delivery.


A great advantage to private lessons is the one on focus between instructor and individual is in which detail is focused on all the phases of the pitching delivery and most important steps, the release point and follow through. Having a release point too early in the delivery and not following through completely are the top 2 contributors to having decreased velocity and also is the leading cause of shoulder and elbow soreness and injury. In some cases high speed 120 frames per second video can be used to record exact pitching mechanics from different angles to show the pitcher deficiencies in release point or delivery. Professional radar gun reading is also available as a tool to measure pitching velocity.


Fielding Lessons

Private pitching lessons focus on the proper techniques for everyday throwing and pitching


We teach players the drills and skills necessary to improve their defensive games and reduce errors. Athletes will learn the proper mechanics of the fielding stance, footwork, balance and the importance of using 2 hands, along with proper throwing techniques.


1.- Fielding Technique: How to field your position in the outfield or infield.


2.- Set Up and Approach: Balance and foot work as well as first step quickness and throwing technique are kep checkpoints covered in this program.


3.- Defensive Mindset: Players will think and train like pros and anticipate what to do with the ball before every pitch



Here you will find the most common questions we received about our lessons from our customers and prospects. If your questions is not under this list , feel free to contact us or email us at info@houstonbaseballpro.com, we will be thrilled to help you.

Common Questions

  • Who will be instructing?

    Houston Baseball Pro Justin Higgs will provide an exceptional coaching and has 4+ years and over 1,000 hours of coaching experience and giving private baseball lessons.

  • Individual Private Lessons (1 on 1)

     One hour sessions where one baseball athlete receives hitting, pitching, or position focused defensive instruction from one instructor.


  • What do I need to bring wear and equipment is recommended for each baseball lesson?

    Comfortable clothes such as t shirt, shorts, tennis shoes (for indoor sessions), cleats, bat, glove, batting gloves (hitting lessons especially), and something to drink.

  • How do I schedule a lesson?

    Call or text Coach Justin Higgs 832-814-9887 or email: houstonbaseballpro@aol.com Lessons are available Monday thru Friday, 3:00pm-9:00pm. (Summer: 8am-9:00pm) *Weekend lessons may be scheduled by appointment beginning at 9am. Please arrive 15 minutes before each session to allow for adequate warm up time.

  • Who can get a lesson?

    You should be aware of several legal obligations that may affect your sign, including, permits, building and electrical codes or local sign codes. For more information contact our office and we will provide all the necessary information for your project.

  • What to expect:

     Organized private sessions focused on the fundamentals of baseball such as correct throwing mechanics, batting stance and swing, base running basics, and footwork for how to field ground balls and catch pop flies correctly.

Private Baseball Lesson Cancellation Policy

*To cancel a lesson you must call at least 24 hours in advance unless it is an emergency or you will be charged with a lesson, and this can only be done one time during a lesson package.

"Hard Work Beats Talent, When talent doesn't work hard"


We are ready to embrace your baseball development.

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